Jenifer Shaw

•Personal Organizer
•Personal Assistant
•Repurposing Designer
•Moving Coordinator

Providing Simple Life Organization

• Establish time efficient household and office management procedures
• Coordinate moves for downsizing and expanding households
• Help purge unnecessary clutter and stage homes

ORGANIZATION is part of who I am!

While having coffee with a friend, after dropping off our boys at preschool, my friend began complaining she could not find anything in her very large, gourmet kitchen, so I asked her to open all her cabinets. Immediately I saw the problem and the solution. “Organization!” I then proceeded to give her ten or twelve ideas, and we began her kitchen "make-over" right there on the spot. Three days and 26 cans of creamed corn later my friend had a visually organized and multifunctional kitchen that fit her “personal lifestyle,” and “Jen”uinely Organized was born...

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Repurposing Idea

Repurpose a beloved piece of furniture for easy organization. Here I used a beloved bar and turned it into a baking station. This will give my client easy access for the holidays and storage for years to come!

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